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Do You Have Problems With Your Inventory Valuation?
Historically, older versions of Navision have, under certain conditions, manifested inaccurate cost calculations. The symptoms of this are, for example, having an Inventory Item with zero quantity on hand but with a negative or positive value, or where the adjust cost process posts unusually large rounding entries. The result is an unreliable cost and value for inventory.

Navision users have not had a permanent solution for this - until now.

Have You Tried Unusual Solutions To Correct This?
To get around this situation some companies go to a manual costing, detaching the G/L from Inventory and sacrifice the value of having an automated accounting system. Even more frustrating, this situation made and continues to make upgrading a difficult procedure. The solution some have taken in the past is to retire all of the old part numbers and start fresh with new ones, or to even re-implement from scratch!

There is no longer any need to calculate costs manually, to lose your history or to start over. This issue has been solved.

The Answer
Dynamics West has developed a proprietary procedure that permanently fixes Navision Costing errors. The only requirement is that your system is currently at Dynamics NAV 5.1 or above. No matter long you have been using Navision nor how many times you have upgraded your costing can be repaired once and for all.

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This procedure has been carried out on numerous databases with a 100% success rate. Call now for pricing.

White Paper: Inventory Costing-Repair and Restoration

Cost Repair Fact Sheet

Cost Status Analysis Report Fact Sheet

Cost Status Analysis Report Object Downloads (Report 50099):

NAV 5.0 NAV 2009 Classic NAV 2013 NAV 2015/2016/2017

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21 January 2019

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