Fast growing retailer turns to Dynamics West to support expansion

This company, a reseller of picture frames, has enjoyed exponential growth and has established a number of different routes to market and depends on NAV to streamline its operations and manage complexity.

Client Sector:
70 employees

The challenge

The company has a number of different subsidiaries to manage its wholesale business through sites like Amazon, its own ecommerce sites, as well as its import and warehousing functions. It currently processes over 1,000 orders a day.

The retail company’s back end systems were incredibly complex, comprising a number of different silos, with orders coming in from a range of different sources that needed to be checked in real-time against its inventory.

It needed to automate these processes to reduce the amount of time it took to handle orders, improve accuracy and reduce complexity. This would help to improve customer satisfaction and ensure it could meet the order fulfilment requirements of its large retail partners.

It recognized that Microsoft Dynamics NAV was the way forward, but to properly leverage the software and achieve its aims, it required some heavy customization. However, it was clear that the provider brought on to manage the software migration was not up to the task.

In addition, its provider had failed to give them the training they needed to use the software properly, and while they were live on the product, they felt completely lost, not knowing what they were doing or which direction they were heading.

Dynamics NAV and Dynamics West have helped us regain control and move the business forward. Dynamics West proved themselves to be experts in all things Dynamics and have been a key partner for us as we’ve continued our expansion.

Company Director

The solution

The picture frame retailer called on our help to unpick the mess they were in and we immediately initiated a training program to get their staff up to speed on NAV.

Having taken the time to understand what they wanted to achieve, we devised a five-year improvement program that would help them to streamline their processes.

We customized and configured NAV to integrate the software with its different business units, enabling it to automate core business processes, such as invoicing, and to integrate new revenue streams. This means that the retail company is able to accept, process and ship orders much faster, ensuring it can meet the strict guidelines of its partners and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

We’ve also helped them to work more closely with its partners and suppliers across the world, as NAV can be accessed anywhere on the planet.

Staff training

Staff training

Our training ensured personnel could get the most out of NAV



Customizing NAV to integrate with applications sped up time to value

Ongoing support

Ongoing support

We are always on hand to help

The benefits

Over the past eight years the company has grown from a $50M to a $200M retail enterprise, and this growth wouldn’t have been possible without Dynamics NAV and our support.

By customizing the software we’ve been able to streamline their backend operations to help them operate more efficiently and unlock new revenue streams. They’re working faster, smarter and with better accuracy and the future looks bright!

An executive at the retail company commented: “Our business is incredibly complex, and as we process over one thousand orders each day, there are lots of moving parts to consider and manage. Dynamics NAV and Dynamics West have helped us to unpick this complexity, regain a sense of control and move the business forward. Dynamics West proved themselves to be experts in all things Dynamics and have been a key partner for us as we’ve continued our expansion.”

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